Often times a lot of people ask me “What does The Good Boy Foundation do?” And really the answer is.... whatever cancer fighting families need.
Diapers? What kind we will send them on amazon.
Vacation? No problem we will raise that money.
Breakfast while your baby goes under to have scans? What time do you need us to bring it.
We do whatever helps, and a lot of things that are overlooked by many cancer charities. However this recent project seemed to make us whole in a great way. Did you know that up to 75% of siblings of kids with cancer have diagnosed PTSD? When our friend Nash had a huge milestone this month and had clear scans, their family decided it was time for a dog for Nash’s older brother Peyton who had been struggling while Nash was in treatment. Because of your support we were able to provide a new family member to serve as a companion and therapy dog for the Hamilton family. 🎈🎀🐶👑Please welcome Stella to The Good Boy family. 👑🐶🎀🎈 Thank you guys so much. I can’t even tell you how happy this made us.
The Good Boy Foundation is a 501c3 non profit. Learn more at thegoodboyfoundation.org

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