Here’s to foodies!

A traditional Russian 🥘 is not for faint-hearted: starters, first course, second course and dessert.

Traditions keep living on once you add a modern vibe to it. Let’s do it the Russian way, but go beyond one cuisine? How about Russian soup , Georgian meat 🍖 and Italian gelato 🍧 ?
Moscow’s food markets offer more than 40 cuisine stalls under one roof. If it already gave you a tongue 😛 boner, here’s a list to satisfy your hunger:

✅Central market on Rozhdestvensky blvd. More than 40 cuisine choices delivered by independent caterers

✅Vokrug Sveta on Nikolskaya St. 24 food stalls from best Russian caterers and an entertaining program with competitions 🏅 and music 🎵

✅Danilovsky Market on Mytnaya St. 30+ cuisine choices and the best Pho 🍲 Bo in Moscow

✅Usachevsky market on Usacheva St. 20+ food stalls and the best sushi 🍣 and oysters in Moscow
Not only can you get your stomach full. Take the best products from Russian farmers away with you!

Bon Appetit!😋🍴

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