Some of your streamgages are struggling to get their data out right now.
Hello from approximately 14 percent of gages across the nation! The USGS is working to restore those of us that are offline due to an issue with the telemetry system that records and transmits our data. USGS experts have identified and prioritized getting back online first those gages in geographic areas expected to receive significant rainfall over the next few days.
The two you see featured here are: 1) 11180100 on Dry Creek in California and 2) 07377500 on the Comite River in Louisiana. Although we cannot transmit at this time, we are still collecting data that should be available when back online.

Various stakeholders depend on us, including the National Weather Service, the Federal Emergency Management Agency, the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers, state agencies, and the Bureau of Reclamation, among others. The USGS is working closely with its stakeholders to alert them of the issue and follow-up with updates.
You can find out which gages are impacted and who to contact for specific information here:

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