Sex Education. This is a hot topic in my community today so I thought I would share my thoughts. My children are too young for sex ed. At the Kindergarten and Preschool ages, the only sex education related things we talk about are vocabulary words like “penis,” “vagina” and “uterus.” When asked about where babies come from, I say, “When two people love each other very much and they are ready to take care of a family, they plan to have a baby.” It gives enough of an answer that they usually don’t ask anymore while imbuing some of the readiness values I want them to know and not alienating adoptive or same sex parent families.

In terms of public education sex Ed, since there is a California mandated course, I have this to say:

No one is going to teach your child about sex in a way that is satisfactory except you as a parent. Don’t sign the permission slip if you think you are going to be bothered by any of the content.
For instance, I am a parent who does not believe in body shaming, would emphasize the biological/scientific information about reproduction and would discuss the multitude of dangers from various types of sex.

Kids are starting puberty as early as 9 years old now. That’s 4th grade. Blame it on environmental pollution, hormones in food or dairy, whatever. But it means they are experiencing body changes they need to be educated on and we as parents have to get there first.

But I really encourage parents to discuss all topics, including anal, oral, and other sex as the recent trend in teens is that they believe that as long as the sex is not vaginal, there are no risks when in fact other forms of sex still present serious STD risks. Various forms of contraception, like flavored condoms mentioned in the video, in fact may not prevent against STDs or pregnancy. We cannot refuse to talk about the current risks to our children today in favor of pushing abstinence when the world around them is sending them a different message.

Parent for the child you have and the world you are raising them in towards the values you uphold. No school curriculum is going to do it for you.

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