“You will never influence the world by being just like it.”. 🦋

I’m so happy to finally share those pictures with you all!
@cje_official chose inspiring people from all around the world to lead her new campaign- I don’t follow, I lead - as a vegan fashion influencer 🐮
To me- this means to LIVE the change you wish to see in the world, to speak up for what you believe in, to be a voice and to inspire others to DO better, BE better and CHOOSE better 🙏🏼
Through my blog I share my ethics, philosophy and beliefs with the world. My goal is to inspire people open their hearts and re-think their choices, in order to make a positive change in this 🌎 We are all influenceres, and we all influence the world with our choices, our lifestyle and our behavior. My goal is to inspire others to choose compassion, kindness and positivity- not only towards animals- but towards themselves as well. What does it mean to you? #IDONTFOLLOWILEAD 🌿

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