A Russian smile - myth or reality?🧐
On the photo are the US, Italian and Russian cosmonauts. The Russian cosmonaut Dmitry is in the center.
A lot of fuss is around Russians being gloomy🙁. Why do they hide their smiles anyway?

Here is a list of possible reasons, why a random Russian didn’t give you a smile back. Try to guess, which are true?

✅Russian winters are so cold that face muscles freeze and become less flexible
✅A smile in Russia is a sign of favor to a concrete person
✅Russians don’t share a smile without a reason
✅Russians take life too seriously
✅Russians do not smile at strangers, only at people, who they know personally
✅Due to superstitious beliefs, Russians have a daily smile limit
✅Russians take a smile as an act of communication, not as a gesture of politeness
✅There is a tax on smiling in public

Any thoughts?
If you’ve ever been to Russia, how many smiles from locals have you collected?🤗

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