This stargazing streamgage is here to bid farewell to the co-founder and voice behind us all, Elizabeth! This account will soon switch hands to fellow co-founder, Adrienne, who will continue to keep everyone updated on your team of streamgages across the country.

Streamgage 06408650, here, silhouetted against the Milky Way in South Dakota. When I'm not mesmerized by the glowing night sky, I'm monitoring water height and flow for the Cheyenne River near Scenic, SD. Hydrotechs with the USGS Dakota Water Science Center routinely head out to visit me and verify my data.
@NWS uses my information to accurately forecast floods, @FEMA and other emergency managers check on me if they need to issue warnings, and states and local agencies look to me to better manage water. I'm funded by the SD Department of Natural Resources, Water Rights Division, and USGS.

Photo cred: Josh Lee, USGS
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