“Three Autumn Leaves”

My journey with Moon water pictures comes to end... Looking back at Moon water pictures, we started it for all the reasons money, fame, ego... but grateful for the lessons it offered. I am glad Moon water pictures happened :) as there is no borrowed experience, truth or wisdom.
Here we go on a full moon day we set out on a new journey with “Three Autumn Leaves” and this time it will be purely for the joy of story telling .... ***the logo is inspired from zen circle and it will be reminder to me and to everyone who would be part of journey find joy in the process and stay detached. *** What’s “Three Autumn Leaves” ?
Three autumn leaves is the Buddhist version of HOLY TRINITY(both in Hinduism and Judaism).. (life, death, continuation). https://www.threeautumnleaves.in

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Mahi V RaghavMahi V Raghav