This is why we are a proud dealer of Caesar Guerini Shotguns. Quality, elegance, stamina, all backed by a lifetime warranty. Strongest in the industry! “What would you say would be a good lifespan in terms of rounds fired for a shotgun — 50,000, 100,000, 200,000? I would guess most of us would think a gun that has withstood the total pressure of 200,000 shots has pretty much come to the end of its usable service life. But not the folks at Caesar Guerini, the Italian gunmaker who produces some of the most elegant and durable shotguns in the world. Within the Guerini line-up of target over/under models, the Invictus series claims a usable service lifespan of up to (and conceivably beyond) one million rounds! Astounding!” – Johnny Cantu, Shotgun Sports magazine. April 2018 issue.

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