Hey friends we wanted to share an update from one of our closest little cancer fighters, Oliver. Oliver’s latest scans show that a portion of his tumor has grown by 25% and it has not shrunk in any areas. It’s unfortunately in the region where operating isn’t an option, so another surgery isn’t possible. And chemotherapy did not work to shrink his tumor, even after 8 rounds. We are waiting on additional test results and then will proceed with a PET scan.
Please keep Oliver’s family in your thoughts and we will keep you updated on ways to help them. If youre in a position to support Oliver’s family with financial help right now, you can find their GoFundMe link right here
▶️ https://www.gofundme.com/oliver-funds-to-beat-cancer◀️ 🎗To help Oliver and other fighters like him, you can always donate to The Good Boy Foundation on 🎗Venmo: @TheGoodBoyFND
🎗PayPal: Thegoodboyfoundation@gmail.com 👕Grab an awareness t shirt on Etsy: https://etsy.me/2nZ44DH

Or learn more about what we do to help families at Thegoodboyfoundation.org 🐶 The Good Boy Foundation is a 501c3 non profit organization🐶

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