My first class starts Monday but as I’ve already had pre-class homework and a bout of crippling doubt and imposter syndrome, school is officially in session. *Despite* the feelings of inadequacy and internal monologue of “what were you thinking?!” I’m excited to start working on this goal. Here’s to the kid sitting in homeschool book club at Lake Jackson library who saw that diploma on the wall and said “that’s what I want to do.” Here’s to the two cool lady librarians, Karen and Sarah, who made me want to work with kids. And here’s to everyone else along the way that’s either given me a chance to prove myself or told me to go for it! Thank you for being my people 💛 #thelibrarygirlgetshermasters #childrenslibrarian #backtoschool #firstdayofgradschool #libraryschool #letterboard #coffeecoffeejoyjoy

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