Got this from one of my favorites @lewishowes.

This is pretty much my mantra. I make sure I get up before anyone else daily so I can fill my cup - for me that’s journaling, working out a few times a week, meditating, #matcha....without #mymiraclemornings I wouldn’t be able to show up for my family, my clients...anyone....and when I don’t a grouchier version of me shows up.🤷🏻‍♀️

I’ve been so inspired to see my #zenandtoned challenge women show up for themselves.

It’s funny, as women we think we can give, give & give - forget about our needs, wants, desires....

But if we forget to give to ourselves first, to take time to tune in....eventually everyone misses out on getting to experience the best version of us because stress, burnout & resentment take over.👎🏼
Women wear a zillion hats - we deserve to reconnect w ourselves daily + everyone wins.🙌🏼

What lights you up, sparks joy for you? How do you build it in daily? I’d love to know 💛✨🤗👇

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