Theme month is back: let's talk about sex! This month's theme has been chosen by Mary Morgan. Throughout history, women have tended to be categorized into being the madonna or the whore. it wasn't until the 70s during the female revolution that women even began to talk about being sexual creatures of our own, not just for the pleasure of men. Decades later, we still have a way to go, but we've certainly made a lot of progress. So this month i want us to explore what SEX! means to us.⠀⠀
Send us your interpretations of 'sex!' and we'll post them as an instagram story! ⠀⠀
To submit: 1. Be a woman :D 2. Follow us @fotofemmeunited 3. Either send us a DM or tag using #ffusubmissions⠀⠀
#Sex #naturalphenomena #Basicneeds #Desire #satisfaction #femalephotographers

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