Holy crap 🤦🏻‍♀️
You know those days when fear wants to win, when so much doesn’t go as planned
When maybe your reaching a new level in life but fear keeps trying to convince you it won’t happen
That’s your not enough
Not worthy
The internal battle is real
That’s when you need to embrace fear
When you most want to push it away
So when I’m a big jumbled mess of anxiety
I go to the beach & today I stumbled on this beauty @rockartfortheheart 🏝 #powerofnature #powerofkindness
In moments....
I’m laughing
Reminded to get out of my head

And back to this moment

Where everything is actually pretty
Fing amazing
Yes in the past there’s pain, in the future there’s fear & uncertainty but


When I’m actually here

Life is pretty great ✨#upperlimitproblems
What moves you from anxiety to joy🔽

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Erika Austin, PhDErika Austin, PhD