Are you ready to start this new week like a tiger? 🐯
He certainly is!

I'm currently trying on a new theory of mine about business.
I spent most of my weekend working my ass off promoting my start up company @mobilitee at our local student annual conference show.

During the two days I mostly felt like a mama bear. Giving advices, helping others, making my clients feel nurtured and safe.
I think that from now on I'll embody one kind of animal depending on how I want to feel and be during my week.

A lioness when I want to feel powerful. A cat when I want to be seductive. A butterfly when I'm in one of those networking events... How do you feel about this theory?
This week I'm going to follow my son's footsteps and be a tiger.
Fearless, rare and precious, bold, overpowerful and feline.
What are you gonna be this week? 🐯🦁🐱🐎🐶🐵🦒🐭🐥🐻🐍🐟🐢🦋

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