Today Eli has been gone for one year. Today will be hard for this family.... but let’s not make it a sad day. Today we want to celebrate Eli. I want you to do that by changing your profile picture to a picture of him. And to ‼️SHARE THIS POST‼️ and fill the world with Eli! Leave your favorite photo of Eli in the comments so the world can see him!
Eli and Gus are the reason for The Good Boy Foundation. This photo is the day they met in June of 2017. That day proved that ANY random, seemingly unimportant day can totally change your life. It changed my life in ways I can’t express in words. Ways I couldn’t be more thankful for. 🌈🌈 Grief is just love that’s unfinished so let’s make today about love, and memories. Memories of a child who overcame SO MUCH in his short life. A child who brought joy to so many, and changed so many lifes. We’ve taken Eli’s memory all over the country, even LITERALLY to the whitehouse trying to make changes for kids like him.
So today in Eli’s memory, have a
That still remembers him,
That still speaks his name,
That still feels him,
That still loves him. ❤️❤️❤️❤️
May his love be what we remember most, not his illness. We love you Eli. We’ll never stop trying to change things. 🎗🎗🎗🎗
My hero
Eli Schoultheis
Even if it’s just for today, please think about childhood cancer.
*The Good Boy Foundation is a 501c3*

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