Date: Wed. 02/13/2019 @ 2:50am
Meal: After-midnight snack
What?: Gluten-free Chicken Salad Sammich
Location: At Home
Company: Alone
Hunger: 70%
Hunger: Eaten
Sated: 100%
Binge: 27% Urge
Dehydration: n/a
Excessive drinking: n/a
Excessive sport: n/a
Laxatives: n/a
Purge: n/a
Feelings: Pleasure, Shame, Guilt, Sadness, Joy, Anxiety
Thoughts: mixed emotions... and Gluten-free chicken noodle soup ready for lunch tomorrow
Moon Phase: First Quarter/Half Moon
Weather: Wet, Foggy

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Ari The RagamuffinAri The Ragamuffin