I can’t tell you how many times I’ve worked by butt of to get in shape for vacation only to completely sabotage myself & come back home feeling like a pile of 💩

Don’t get me wrong- I’m the girl who indulges in vacation. I eat what I want, I drink too much, and I may or may not workout 😱 Haha, but really, vacation is meant to be fun.

Throughout the years of vacationing there are a few things I’ve learned that really help you kick back, relax & indulge without feeling guilty afterwards.

My top 5 tips for a guilt free vacation:
1️⃣Plan ahead & pack snacks. Are you flying or driving? Staying at a hotel or condo? Will you have a fridge or a full kitchen? Once you know these answers you can plan ahead accordingly. Get to the store as soon as you arrive & stock up on good-for-you snacks high in protein, fiber and micronutrients. Need ideas? 💡 DM me!
2️⃣Drink lots of H2O 💦 This will helps keep you full, hydrated and less bloated the next day. Bring your own empty bottle to fill after going through security & to refill during the day.
3️⃣Eat frequently. Pay attention to your hunger. I know you wanna save up for that dinner out but if you get too hungry you’ll end up overeating. Have snacks during the day to keep things in control.
4️⃣Share meals. It’s saves you money and extra calories. Order what you want to eat, cause it’s vacay after all, but split it!
5️⃣Stay active. You don’t have to workout, unless you want to, but move your body & get your steps in. Walking around sight seeing, walking on the beach, shopping, do some yoga.

Part 2 coming tomorrow on how to get back on track AFTER vacation ☀️

COMMENT BELOW on which of these tips will be most helpful for you?? 👇🏼👇🏼

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