Your body, your heart & your mind is communicating w you all day long - which one do you most tune into?

Our minds try to convince us that ego is in control. Our bodies reveal our physical needs & our heart - our ♥️ is our connection to truth
Basically we have to undo what all of our conditioning has done - we have to learn to discern our rational mind & find the hell yeses in life w our hearts - all while taking care of our bodies
\\ It’s honestly a daily practice to rise above the mental chatter, to tap into the inner wisdom, to pause long enough to hear it
// But when we do MAGIC happens

It’s worth the daily time - so, so worth it
When clients come to me for weight loss
\\ I truthfully struggle - because really, in the grand scheme of things who cares if you’re 10 or 20 pounds lighter? Yes, I know ego does & no, I’m not discounting the health benefits of not burdening your body with extra weight (literally and in every other way)
// BUT letting go of the external shoulds & instead tapping into loving your body, thanking it for all it does, nourishing it with real food - this...
\\ This opens the gate to your soul - the inner you that’s been pulling at you, trying to get your attention while you’ve been in your head about what you should do, or what you should look like
// Reconnection to myself & for you to yourself is my highest desire

Today, this weekend - watch you mind. See who’s in control - your heart or you ego mind?
// I challenge you to tap into that inner knowing, see how that feels & if you’re open share what it says 💛💛 there is power in writing it 🙏🏼😘 much love 💛

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