I have always been a nerd, well atleast the perceived notion of it. Truth be told it was more of laziness and my love for sleep which still exists btw😂

But for those who have been following my account would know how I have been striving to become more of an outdoor person after I was diagnosed with asthma. Don't worry it's not a sob story.
Infact, it turned out to be a blessing in disguise. This one incident has played a pivotal role in how I perceived my life from then on. It made me more conscious about the choices I made everyday. And helped me find my way towards realising that life is way more than building a successful career or all that tick marks we try to get our whole lives without stopping for a second to think about what we really want.

I expect this year to be more exploratory in all facets of life. Imbibing that spirit is this picture taken by my instructor before I hit the last 'put' for the day. Yeah you heard it right. And what I am holding is a putter (pronounced पटर). As the amitabh bacchan said in one of his movies, english is a very funny language, well golf is a bit funny jargon game too. (Google handicap for golf) 😋#wannabegolfer

So are you planning to try something new or pick up something old again this year?
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