I know this is not an insta friendly photo but pardon my lack of skills in dishing out a perfect pose at the drop of a hat. I think I have long given up on that. I still went ahead with posting this is because of this saree and my encounters with saree in general.

The sad part of living in metro and away from the Dhoom dham of family functions & random relative invites is that I rarely get a chance to wear a saree. Not to mention the challenges of an amateur saree draper.

This particular saree was part of my wedding trousseau which my mom had been collecting since time immemorial and the collection is still ever growing. Since my teenager or early part of the 20s, I have seen here picking sarees for me from every state we visited.

This particular one is from Tamilnadu. I recently got an opportunity to wear it for the second time when we were invited for Sadhya, a traditional Malayali sit-down lunch. The attire was traditional and while I could have easily got away with the good Indian salwar kameez, I decided to take the Herculean task of draping the saree all by myself. But as the saying goes, God helps those who help themselves, my maid knocked at the right time. With some help from her, I was able to drape a decent one (I think). This beautiful temple style neck piece from Kerela (again bought by Mommie dearest) turned out to be a perfect match.

At Sadhya, this composition was well complimented by the women of the very land these two pieces come from. I felt as if I almost passed a test with no credit of my own. I am always surprised by how saree brings women together.
But my most surreal experience happened last year when I was invited to speak at a women's conference. For the first time and for no apparent reason, I ditched my western corporate dressing and picked a simple cotton saree again my mother had picked up from Assam.

I think it was a tea break when a lady broke off from her group and walked towards me. She introduced herself & then she went on to say something that left me speechless. In her words: 'After seeing you walk into the room, we were discussing why did we stop wearing saree at all?'
What's your Saree Story?

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