Their new album, Mountain of Smoke, brings me to tears every time I hear it! It takes me right back to that magical night nearly two decades ago at Winter Solstice 1999 in Lake Wales Florida when I came across my dear friends Livtar and @snatamkaurkhalsa sitting together under the big top singing this hauntingly beautiful song that they had co-written called 'At the Feet of the Teacher'. The song is a moving tribute to Yogiji and the very special relationship that exists forever between seeker and spiritual guide. Livtar and Snatam's sweet voices merged in the most exquisitely subtle way and my heart exploded. I sat down next to them with tears streaming down my face. I closed my eyes and was stunned to see a crystal clear image of a smiling Guru Ram Das ji at my third eye point cajoling me to get this incredible healing sound current out to the world. I had no choice.....three weeks later the three of us were in Liv Singh's Invincible Recording Studio in Phoenix AZ joyfully making the first Peace Family album thereby giving birth to @spiritvoyage!! Its only fitting that nearly 20 years later these same two angelic beings are at it again creating more Soul medicine backed by @spiritvoyage , the very company that their love of God's Name gave birth to in Jan., 2000, at the beginning of the New Millennium! All Love in Divine, GG #snatamkaur #livtarsingh #spiritvoyage #kundaliniyoga #sacredchant

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