This Holi, play it safe. Do ensure however, that in either your love towards the street or pet animals you care for OR in your post-bhaang madness you don’t put the colourful, toxic, harmful, chemical laced powdered or liquid Holi colours onto the animals or birds.

You can wash the colours off, these animals and birds cannot do so, no matter how hard they try to…

They will lick them and that could harm them besides causing them skin allergies or infections.
Again we request that Please DO NOT play holi or spray colours on them, because it's not enjoyment or fun for them.. They get disoriented or the colours affect their sensitive skins, ears or eyes, cos there are chemicals present in the colours that we humans play.. THE HOLI COLOURS CAN:-
* cause permanent eye damage.
* leads to skin damage and allergies.
* can irritate their delicate ear canal * it can be harmful if they swallow or consume.
Hence this holi let's enjoy and make a pledge to not hurt gods gift to us.. Our loving four legged companions..

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