Happy 40th Birthday Franky,
Today I celebrate you & all of the joy you brought me and my girls.
The pain of you not being here is etched in me. Yet, 38 years of beautiful memories make me feel so immensely blessed that I was chosen to be your sister.
You always made me feel like you were rooting for me. Like you saw me. Like you understand my pain, my dreams and believed I was worthy of having all that lived in my heart. I felt the same about you. And our friendship continues to bless my life.
In this new chapter of our relationship where I get to talk to you daily with my thoughts, your contagious smile and infectious laugh play on and carry me forward.
Thoughts of you & David being together only fill me with hope and possibility.
Thank you for helping me tune into your energy and your larger than life love - the two forces larger than death. The two that keep you with me always.
Sending you all of my love today & everyday.
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