It’s the weekend !⠀
And one last tip on styling drinks ...⠀
If you saw my recent post I mentioned my 3 tips for styling cocktails.⠀
🍸 ⠀
My final tip, might seem obvious but sometimes the obvious things are overlooked, so here goes-⠀
🍹 ⠀
Make sure when you’re styling your drinks that you use appropriate props.⠀
If it’s a floral drink by all means include a flower,🌸 ⠀
But if it’s not then don’t⠀
Obvious but not always.⠀
A swizzle stick, a pretty cocktail shaker and a nice bar spoon are my go to props for styling cocktail drinks⠀
And then compose a strong image that doesn’t require “fluff” in the form of outdated styling aids such as flowers .⠀
Ok friends ⠀
That’s me off to pour myself a cold one !⠀

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Taryne Jakobi | FOOD STYLIST|Taryne Jakobi | FOOD STYLIST|