So today I’ve seen a story covered by every news station in my area about the safety of textured breast implants that have long been considered safe. In recent years they found a connection between textured breast implants and a type of lymphoma called BIA-LCL. Wow that’s scary! Those women have a right to be afraid and I’m happy it’s on the news so everyone will know! It’s on every news station, there must be tons of deaths!! SEVENTEEN.
Meanwhile, today 250 kids around the world die of cancer.
91,250 EACH YEAR.
720 new kids will be diagnosed today and one in five of them will die.
The cause of childhood cancer is totally unknown, not linked to lifestyle choices or habits, and there are no screening tests like adult cancers.
It’s the leading cause of childhood death.
Despite all of these facts, childhood cancers, of which there are many, remains exceedingly underfunded each year.
Anyone see that covered on every single news station today?

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