Every cake tells a story ...⠀

A special occasion, a celebration, a shared event ( very seldom is cake a solo thing) ⠀
There are so many reasons we bake and create.⠀
The art of visual story telling is to portray the narrative visually through the food styling and props.⠀
Through colors, composition and lighting.⠀
What is your photo saying about your cake?⠀
Is it telling the story of triumph- “I mastered this challenging recipe ! “⠀
Is it telling the story of celebration - “ Look what I made! I never thought I could be a baker, I always felt intimidated in the kitchen”⠀
Or in this case, my grandmothers one-bowl bundt cake, tells a story of nostalgia.⠀
Of a simpler time, of a very real kind of slow living. ⠀
An easy recipe that looks impressive but not ostentatious or gaudy. ⠀
A beautiful gesture to friends and family that says I love you enough to bake you a cake on a random Thursday, cause who needs more reason than that !⠀
The props connect to the theme, my grans vintage pressed glass cake stand and gorgeous antique French linen napkin are subtle clues in the story, sentimental and precious.
The soft, pretty light says that this is a gentle story, a warm story, a wistful story. ⠀
Every cake tells s story. Every picture (should) tell a story.⠀
I teach you how to tell your visual story in my food styling workshops.⠀
Your food has a story, and it deserves to be told well, I’ll teach you how !⠀
Details are in my bio.⠀

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Taryne Jakobi | FOOD STYLIST|Taryne Jakobi | FOOD STYLIST|