Proud to have been able to help Brandon Holiday find his new service dog Valor and support them on their journey.
Please read Brandon's story below:
I have learned that when you are in a time of need, all you have to do is ask and there is someone there who is reaching to lift you up. After being injured as a police officer, a further medical complication from systemic lupus resulted in the loss of my leg below the knee. I found myself at a crossroads and not knowing what direction my life was supposed to take. I was unable to work and really struggling to find my identity again.
Through hard work, I decided to persevere. Drawing every ounce of strength that I had, I fought through 10 heart attacks, clots in my lungs, and skin grafts. Thanks to the love of my family, I’ve gained a power through my passion for adaptive sports.

My service dog, Dyson has truly been a lifesaver and only enhanced my appreciation for Susquehanna Service Dogs. Dyson truly has provided me with more freedom and independence far beyond I ever imagined. I've experienced so many positive changes by having him around. These include an increase in my activity level and more importantly, a great source of emotional support. Dyson will be retiring soon, and a new canine companion will be joining me.

My plan moving forward is to start K9 training with my new service dog named Valor as a working K9 unit. Through the graciousness the 14th Hour Foundation and Kris Paronto (aka ‘Tanto’), Valor was purchased for me during my training. #lawdog0140 #valor #servicedog #alwaysinthefight #mansbestfriend #serveandprotect #neverquit @real_kris_tanto_paronto

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