The only way to know a book is loved is to look at its creases and sketches, its notes and its scratches.

Here’s my April 1st poem!!

A Fresh Start - All The Life You Give

To begin.
Last night I made a promise with the air,
I will continue to breathe until thoughts appear no more.
I made a promise to the sky,
I will continue to admire you until the sun and stars cease to exist.
I said thank you to the ground for keeping me safe and thank you to chaos of the ocean for not letting me forget that I am a speck in the entirety of the universe.
To remember.
That before I believed every winding road led home I also believed in all the goodness of the world.
I spoke kindly to the flowers still dripping dew and ran my hands along the bark of the trees, whispering the best upon them - only for the most ancient.
I let myself think I could be grounded, roots stretching deep into the dense soil and choked from the sunshine by layers and layers.
To the fresh start.
I say how precious it is to be alive, but how far more enticing it is to live freely.

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