Day 3 - Incorporate Music (On A Bench)

One step back, heel in the mud
It is there,
Near a bench in the middle of the wood,
I listen.
When I was 5 I remember
the smell of new carpet,
whispers in the next room over,
and an echo of a life bouncing back my way.
Out of 6 beaks comes
the sound of flesh hitting flesh.
Dizzying mind, confusion abound.
7 porcelain angels
appear in a bend in the trees,
wings engulfing each other’s space,
clicking against the glass-bottomed cupboard.
Eyes stinging with chlorine,
8 seconds gliding underwater,
humming to the beat of a sirens song.
It is there,
On a bench in the middle of the wood,
I ponder the melody of my childhood.

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