🌈 In COPIC AWARD 2019, we received 2,108 entries from 72 countries which substantially exceeded the previous year.
The quality of artworks was truly amazing, and it made competition keen as well as making appropriate judgement was undoubtedly a very difficult task.
Eventually, our expert reviewers have decided that 40 entries are deserved to be the shortlist of finalists.
The 40 finalists will be officially announced on the AWARD’s website and our social media pages on Friday, April 19, 2019 12:00PM (Japan time). Discover a wide variety of artistic expressions Copic can offer - Don't miss it!
#copicaward #コピックアワード 🌈コピックアワード2019、世界72カ国から総数なんと、2108点ものコピック作品をご応募いただきました!そしてその中から最終審査に進む40作品を、2019年4月19日(金)12:00(日本時間)サイト内(https://copicaward.com/ja/)にて発表いたします。コピックを使った多様な表現をご覧いただけますので、ぜひcopicaward.comを引き続きチェックしてください!! https://youtu.be/jsaQd3z3BKg

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