“Celebrity supersedes criminality. How can you see clearly when you are looking into the sun? How can an icon be a con?”
"This is beyond Michael Jackson the icon. Stop staring into the sun and do what is necessary to heal our children and ourselves.” @oprah .
Repost 📸 @leavingneverlandofficial

Reposted from @metoomvmt - The two-part documentary explores the separate but parallel experiences of James @jamessafechuckofficial Safechuck and @waderobsoncreations Wade Robson, who were befriended by Michael Jackson when they were just 10 and 7 years old, respectively. We are glad to be among the network of organizations (@1in6org, @rainn, @childhood.usa, @d2lorg, MOSAC, @safehorizon, @itsonus, @worldchildhoodfoundation) who contributed to the viewing support guide, produced by @HBO.
Regardless of where you stand, this is an important topic that deserves our attention. We need to talk about men as survivors of sexual abuse. We need to talk about child sexual abuse, grooming, and trauma. We need to show up for each other. #disruptsexualviolence #endsexualabuse #believesurvivors #leavingneverland - #regrann #butterflyrevolution @thebutterflyrevolution

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