Well, I guess here goes nothin’! About two weeks ago, I asked my sister to come over and play with my new studio set up! A few days before, I set everything up just to see if I could actually figure out how to turn everything on...well it was a complete fail and I have never felt so defeated and overwhelmed. I talked to two of photography friends basically saying SOS, because I was ready to just give up and throw in the towel! Anyways...They gave me a few tips to try when I did my test shoot with my sister. My sister came and we styled her in a couple pieces from the styled closet and started shooting! 📷 She was so encouraging the whole time, because once again I was freaking out in typical Julie fashion aka self doubt. But we went for it and you guys I am so so excited about these pictures and how they turned out! 😁 This is the first set of pictures we did! Plus, my fabulous sister is an amazing model! This girl has been there since the beginning, and is always up for my ideas and is always a willing model whenever I need her! Thank you Rachel for bringing your awesomeness and rocking this shoot out with me! And sorry for the long winded caption, but I just wanted to share! ❤️ So with all that said here is to trying new things and learning! I can’t wait to do more studio shoots this coming year! 📸
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