You know that moment.... .... when your whole life is just.... gorgeous?

Like, the people in it are just.... gah
and the moments that you're choosing are just... mmmmmm
and the sky is grey but the air is so.... omg
and that sparkling water that just hit your tongue is like... holy!! <3

I've been bursting into sparkling effervesces of gratitude more times that I can count today. Many times followed by gales of grateful tears. {you know me}

It's like I've been in an ocean of magic and the waves of it just keep gently washing over me, and swirling all around me, and every molecule of my being is just so blissfully happy to be just... being.

And I'm looking back at all the years I spent sad... and alone.... and believing that all of that heaviness was real. And all of my problems were real and needed to be solved.

And what I'm seeing now..... is that there is this space -- This magical space -- Where the plants.... and the animals.... and my mountains live.... where you just --- be.

And in this space - everything is possible.
And creating stuff is ease.
And the people that match this energy make you cry, they're so amazing.

Everything in this space of being is contribution.
Every energy that 'is'. And there's total allowance for everything you are.
And total honoring of everything you are.

And you know the best - most amazing thing?

That it turns out that the thing you get to discover Most in this space..... is the absolute brilliance and magic - of you.

You know that you?
The one you've been hiding from you?


The TOTAL brilliance - kindness - gentleness - complete caring - of YOU.

I wonder what would be possible in your life if you were willing to be owned by your own brilliance?

And I wonder how beautiful our planet will be - when you are?

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Christel CrawfordChristel Crawford