Last night was a ladies night as we kicked off the first of the Striike “Now You Know” travel series and I had a blast sharing my deep passion for New Zealand! For those of you who may not know, I am the US tourism ambassador for New Zealand (lol I know, I can’t believe I have this gig either). We talked last night about the transformative power of travel and the ways in which travel can bring purpose, passion, and perspective into our lives. Another big topic of last night (something I actually don’t know much about) was wine and all the artisan wineries you can visit in NZ — it was especially cool hearing it from a pro sommelier. Hands down, the biggest takeaway was how the @streichersisters made me want to take a girls trip with my little sisters to New Zealand asap!
Also keeping my consignment fashion streak going — I am never re-selling this vintage @YSL dress. You may notice everyone dressing appropriately for the weather in summer cocktail dresses, while I on the other hand chose (as I typically do) to dress for winter weather, when in summer.  It just occurred to me, perhaps dressing for the southern hemisphere? 🤔

#NZMustDo #TNZAmbassador #TNZpartner
@armani (belt)
@gianvitorossi (shoes)

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