This dance is a testament to what a father’s love can do. Prior to this day, my dad couldn’t walk more than a step or two. Somehow, we managed an entire 4 mins together for our dance. ❤️ Halfway through I asked my sister to join in on it too, since she likely won’t get a father/daughter dance with him. 😢 It was incredibly emotional and so, so special. Guys, it really sucks to lose a parent so slowly. But I try my best to look at it through a positive lens as much as possible. Weekly, I ask my dad to just share stories I’ve never heard before— especially stories from BEFORE he was my dad. It’s been pretty cool to hear all of these memories that make him, him. And it’s those times I’m thankful to have the time that we DO have. 🥰 Happy Father’s Day to all of the amazing dads, you don’t know how much your powerful and incredible love shapes us all.

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Melissa Cay Genove ToddMelissa Cay Genove Todd