Loving these illustrations by Rachel Hudson. 100 endangered species. Fantastic illustrations with a strong message behind it. 🎨
Repost from @rhudsonillustration using @RepostRegramApp - Just spent an amazing morning with #Medstead Primary School sharing my #the100dayproject and talking about illustrating #100endangeredspecies and the work of @ptes_org .
It’s never been more important to inspire our younger generations to care about the health of our planet and the need for safe places for wildlife to live. I’m very proud to be one of the school’s new House Heroes, alongside @wardthomasmusic @maisieslydeaf - as well as Chris Lubbe (former bodyguard to Nelson Mandela) and Mandy Hickson, one of the first female pilots on a front-line Tornado GR4 squadron. #inspiringpeople

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