I’ve had a few people ask how I made Meryl, so here’s some BTS pics of her build! I built her in a frantic sprint to make it for @catconworldwide, so I didn’t grab as many progress pictures as I usually do. Between full time studio work, I only had evenings to finish this costume, and all-in I probably had 2 weeks build time for her.

The majority of her face was hand sewn; I used a resin frame from @crystumescostumes and added some upholstery foam to accentuate the shape of a more kitten-ish mug. I sculpted details with apoxie sculpt for gums and eyelids, and her eyes were sketched in photoshop and the print was laminated to 2” acrylic half spheres from Tap Plastics.
Like many cosplayers, for one-of costumes I use tape to pull a pattern, which you can see I sketch fur patterns and markings to. Sometimes I leave myself good notes and registration lines, and sometimes I just wing it! I wanted her makings to be symmetrical but organic, so she’s a little asymmetrical in places. 🤷‍♀️ Hope you like this little peek into #meryltheferal!
Glam 📷 by @stardotgeek, the rest by meee!

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