50.000 km full of experiences .... on this anniversary we visited our frame manufacturer, Velotraum, in their showrooms in Weil der Stadt, Germany. For a long time we were interested in who is the team behind the Velotraum brand and their passion for details. Although we had contact via mail during the trip, this is different.
The bikes are not only our means of transport, but have become a part of us over the years. We remember very well how long it took us to select the two frame colors from a selection of 200 different colors.
Stefan, the founder of the brand, took us for a small tour through the manufacture. He also brought our bikes to the scene in his photo studio. Especially the many improvised things make the charm from his point of view. Except for some paint damage, the bikes look pretty good, even though we pushed them hard. From time to time we had to remind ourselves that our bikes are not downhillers, but 'ONLY' touring bikes.

According to new law, this article contains advertising because of mention the brand name.
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