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I couldn't get the sugar plum fairies out of my mind so I drew the costume (also came in orange and red). when the little saw me doing this she declared "mama you take what you see SO seriously!". indeed. i do. #tw #nutcrackerballet #2015lssketchbook
but if I was a florist I bet I'd secretly want to be an artist #2015lssketchbook #tw
another potential block print idea for @jenhewett 's class @handcraftstudioschool on Sunday. #2015lssketchbook #tw
first morning in I don't know how long I didn't have to rush out the door. feels amazing. flushing out some potential ideas for my block printing class w. @jenhewett @handcraftstudioschool on Sunday. woot. #tw #2015lssketchbook
tiny pumpkins sketched. #2015lssketchbook #tw
tiger tiger tiger. @photobickett - will any of these do ??? #tw #2015lssketchbook
weird mannequin with skull head set up. #drawingone #iteachart #2015lssketchbook #tw (and thanks for all the 🎂 wishes. so nice)
sketching the new cactus friend 🌵 #tw #2015lssketchbook
that search for rhythm. and belief/confrontation of dichotomies. students who turn in crappy homework but then light bulbs go off as they actually sit and look and cross contour pine cones for 3 hours. the joy of not having papers to read nightly but missing the professional practice class. the feeling of inadequacy but then reading words from friends and those you admire about your work and wondering if what they say is remotely possibly true and if it is you must be doing a sliver of something ok. thinking so much about the economy of words and marks (what is absolutely necessary) but clearly not always able to edit and truncate. and so it goes. both things can and will and are true. ((I want to steal this pod from the prop room at school but if I did others couldn't draw it's splendor.)) #tw #2015lssketchbook
documenting parts of my day on @shiningegg 's table #tw #lsbaltimore2015 #2015lssketchbook
sometimes I channel my inner blue hair grandma watercolorist #2015lssketchbook #tw
it's always the pets and foliage. always. #mildreddog #2015lssketchbook #tw