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Whatchu looking at? Wild turkeys were all over the place at #2017w1sconclave
Our Section Communications Team did a fantastic job this weekend at #2017W1SConclave. This team of 7 members took on the task of running the social media accounts, website, mobile app, online map, and texting service to keep over 400 Arrowmen informed. A huge THANK YOU to you to Jordan Jefferis, Ryan Mogensen, Aidan Jewett, Shane Rooker, Matthew Shumway, Jeffrey Knierim, and Tyler Inberg!
Wakina Tonka Celebrating their victory of My Chapter Rocks and taking a picture with The National Vice Chief, Talon. #2017w1sconclave
That's a wrap! From all of us at Section W-1S and the W-1S Communications Team, THANK YOU for attending #2017W1SConclave! We look forward to seeing you again next year for #2018W1SConclave. Have a safe trip back home and thank you.
Goodnight #2017w1sconclave from Wakina Tonka. Don't forget to pick up your Medforms and diplomas tomorrow.
Good Morning #2017W1SConclave! Make sure to pick-up your training degree and auction items before you leave. See you at flags & breakfast.
Goodnight #2017W1SConclave! Day 2 has come to a close. Tomorrow, it all comes to an end. See you for flags at 8:30 AM.
Come down to the auction at the #2017w1sconclave
We thought it was the Crater Lake forest fire turns out it's just a giant moon here at the #2017w1sconclave
The Memorabilia Oral Auction will be happening right after tonight's show. Head to Building 17 and Bid High, Bid Often! #2017W1SConclave
MY CHAPTER ROCKS!!! Come pie your leaders! Wakina Tonka #2017w1sconclave #2017w1sconclave_mcr
Head to the auditorium for the #2017W1SConclave closing theme show. Reminder that food & drink are not allowed.