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Get text updates from the Section leading up to and while at #2017W1SConclave. We will send out reminders, exclusive announcements, and any emergency messages or schedule changes pertaining to Conclave.

It is simple. Follow the instructions below.
Registration for #2017W1SConclave is NOW OPEN for all lodges! Visit sectionw1s.org/conclave & click the registration button for your lodge.
We are 1 MONTH AWAY from #2017W1SConclave! You will not want to miss out on the largest event of 2017. Visit www.sectionw1s.org/conclave for more info. 
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Jordan will be at #2017W1SConclave. Will You? 
Join us September 8-10 at Lane Community College for "The Scout Office". Visit sectionw1s.org/conclave
#TBT to last year's conclave. Are you ready for #2017W1SConclave at Lane Community College Sept. 8-10? Sectionw1s.org for more.
Join your brothers from Tsisqan, Lo La'Qam Geela, and Wauna La-Mon'tay for #2017W1SConclave at Lane Community College September 8-10, 2017!
SAVE THE DATE! #2017w1sconclave is coming to Lane Community College.
Your 2017 section officers and adviser are ready for an awesome #2017W1SConclave. Are you?