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This one goes out in memory of @salnovin.  To honors Sal’s eccentric personality and style of mismatch shoes to raise awareness w/ @2lacescampaign! .
We lost Sal to brain cancer at end of last year.  During his treatments, he would wear mismatch sneakers to the hospital. Nurses would get concern it was GBM. His family would laugh and say, “ No that’s just Sal.” This is honor of you buddy! #2laces
#awareness #shoelaces #sal #gbm
A #2laces spotting in East Nashville today!!@2lacescampaign #GBMawareness
Lacing up friends and strangers from the West Coast to the East Coast,  down to Mexico and everywhere in between....and still going!!!! I can’t wait to see the posts and #2laces tags with everyone sporting their new laces!! #2laces #GBMawareness @salnovin @2lacescampaign
A star is born retro 1’s
Size 13 ONLY 
FIRST COME FIRST SERVE !  #Shoes #LastPair #Ones #jordan #2laces #expressionskix 
Photo : @therealyaree
A wonderful friend of mine and my brother's, @mamatribed, bought two different colors of the same baby shoes, and gifted one set to our baby boy, so he can be cool like his late uncle... #2Velcros #2Laces #CancerResearch #GBMAwareness

Don't forget to buy some mismatched laces at https://shewlace.com/collections/2lace/GBM - all proceeds go to GBM research !
Sometimes you need a sliver of sunshine on the horizon reminding you there will be brighter days ahead. Missing all my friends who are floating in the clouds, trusting God’s plan is bigger than our broken hearts. We miss you. #pray #trust #hope #faith #sunshine #marines #usmc #2laces
Made myself a promise that whenever I feel sad about my brother, I'd take that sad feeling and turn it into something productive by promoting #2Laces ... Took this picture with #Google #NightSight ... Pretty impressive. He would have gotten a kick out of it. ❤️
#2Laces - Here's the reason for our mismatched laces:

Glioblastoma multiforme (GBM) is the deadliest, most aggressive (grade IV) and most common form of brain cancer. 
The goal of #2Laces is to raise awareness about GBM and encourage donations for GBM research so that we can find better treatment with better outcomes. So grab a pair of mismatched laces, lace up your shoes and share a photo of your shoes on social media with the hashtag #2Laces. Then tag your friends to spread awareness. 
Check out https://2Laces.org [link in my bio] for more details - and please, please share this post! 🙏🏻👼🏻 If I've tagged you in this post, it's because I know you're a big believer in a good cause so please repost. 
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#cancersucks #gbm #glioblastoma
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Please consider joining the #2Laces campaign by mismatching your laces and sharing a picture, with #2Laces.

Together, we can raise awareness and money towards #gbm 
2Laces.org for more details
My brother once wore this metal-welding styled-visor the entire time we were in Vegas. Got a lot of weird looks, but no sunburn. ❤️🤣 Share a photo of a friend with an eccentric fashion style, along with the hashtag #2Laces, and let's get more word about #GBM / #GBMAwareness !

#CancerSucks #eccentric #fashion
I lost one of the most incredible human beings I’ve ever had the pleasure of knowing. All because of a kind conversation in the exit row of an airplane two summers ago. My time knowing him was way too short. However his intelligence, light, humor, sarcasm, tangents and his love for love will forever be remembered. In a time where I’d been living my life in darkness and depression, in his last four weeks of life, he’s inspired me to live my life to the fullest, look past looks, love harder, laugh more, take advantage of every opportunity to be kind and always help others. 💔

@2lacescampaign was founded by my sweet friend’s brother to encourage glioblastoma awareness. In typical Sal fashion, he’d purposely rock two different pairs of shoes!! This is a challenge to all my friends - grab some mis-matched laces (or shoes), take a picture and tag #2laces! #glioblastoma #glioblastomamultiforme #fuckcancer #cancersucks #love #inspiration #cancerawareness #bekind #strongagainstcancer
In a hospital bed but still catching attention... I love my brother. ❤️❤️❤️❤️ #2Laces #GBMAwareness #CancerSucks #CancerDoesntDefineYou