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Pitaya bowls for lunch 😋 ...but I still found myself at the crêperie soon after 💁‍♀️ #bexingermany
Chasing the last hour of sunlight ✨ #bexingermany
Sun trying hard to peek through on the walk home ⛅️ #bexingermany
Hiding on a Monday 😏🕶 #bexingermany
32°F Sunny 🌤 Happy Hamburg this morning 🤗#bexingermany
Moody HafenCity 💨 #bexingermany
Picture of me last week actively working on my business plan revisions ☕️📝. Me today (early early today) submitted that plan and received my residency permit! 🤩 I’m so thrilled to truly begin my journey here in Hamburg and share what I’ve been working on. I can’t wait to see what this year brings 💌 🏹 #bexingermany
Hazy sunset falling over Hamburg 🌞 #bexingermany #bexpeditions
Just really happy after eating food and before getting back to work 😌 #bexingermany
Where old meets new ✨ Deichstraße is Hamburg’s oldest remaining street and here it leads to one of Hamburg’s newest buildings, Elbphilharmonie 🎼
Snow days! 😍❄️😍 The snow doesn’t stick for long (if at all) in Hamburg so it’s best to be outside during the snowfall. Pictured is a happy Rebecca enjoying today’s snowfall while on her lifelong quest to make herself appear taller than the average 5th grader 😛
Happy girl discovering new neighborhood gems! 😍🌶🥦🔥We had such a nice day today (another sunny one!) walking around and finally got to try this new spot for lunch we’ve been eyeing. SO GOOD. 😋