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It's been a wonderful time connecting and learning from one another at #collide2017
It's going down #collide2017 #learning #investment
Day two has been incredible so far! Look at the people you hang around and you'll see your future... (although I'm missing a few key pieces of my life/ministry in the picture)... the future looks amazing for the @palmettopointechurch. #collide2017 #myrtlebeach #ministry #wheresmywife #wemisstheoneswhoarentpictured #youguysmakemebetter
People are counting on you to dream big
If you haven't wanted to quit, the dream in your heart isn't big enough 👊🏻
The fulfillment of your dream is going to be the breakthrough & answer to people's prayer - This. Is. Why. You. Can't. Quit.
@PastorRaley stirring us up this morning
#Collide2017 @_joshcarter @pastorraley #ThisSessionWasStraightUpFIRE
Day 2 of Collide..."Don't allow fear of failure to cause you to give up on your dream.." @pastorraley #collide2017
"Our decisions today become our greatest stories tomorrow! What are you dreaming up today that you will tell the next generation in the future??!" @pastorraley @calvaryfl #collide2017
#collide2017 day 2
Just a snippet of the spoken word for #collide2017
(Not the best quality vid but who cares?!)
Today was a great day!!! @calvaryfl thank you so much for giving me the chance to play drums for the Collide Conference  #collide2017#drummer#Bestdrumsetever
Great first day here @calvaryfl #collide2017 ! Thank you @mystix1313 and @csakstanfill for taking care of our kiddos so that we could get refreshed and encouraged for a couple of days!
With these awesome people during #collide2017