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After a long day of training, sometimes you just need to get out the karaoke machine and have some fun! @easternmennoniteu #emuview #emurl17
@easternmennoniteu VP for Student Life and Enrollment, Jim Smucker joined the ResLife team for fellowship and lunch today. Great conversations about fun summers and dreams for residence halls could be heard throughout the Northlawn Great Lounge. #emuview #emurl17
"Welcome to the team, we're glad you're here! @easternmennoniteu Community Advisors are on campus!  #emuview #emurl17
How much food do you need to feed the @easternmennoniteu 2017-18 ResLife staff?  At least 1 van load. #emuview #emurl17
It's that time of the year again for fatheads!!! EMU Women's Volleyball, start thinking of a face!! 💙🦁🏐 #EMUview
Getting rooms ready to receive 2017-18 @easternmennoniteu Community Advisors on Wednesday!  2 days later @emu_athletics fall athletes come to get into tip top shape during preseason and 7 days after them, first years arrive for orientation. It's a crazy exciting time here! #emuview #emurl17
Awesome information here! With the help of @michael.ray.dc, our coaches stay up to date with the latest research in sports performance. This study helps lay out a foundation for applying progressive overload for our athletes. Essentially, it quantifies several principles that are often talked about in the strength training world (MRV, MAV, etc). Also, it influences programming for return to sport; an area that is often missed by clinicians when working with athletes.
#Repost @michael.ray.dc
One of the major talking points in Scientific Principles of Sports Rehab seminar is the idea of Acute:Chronic workload ratios.  The majority of the time a noncontact musculoskeletal injury is a training based injury.  As clinicians we need to have an understanding of programming for athletes in order to guide the process back to sport.  Although the research continues to elucidate injury prediction and prevention are high unlikely, focusing on the dosage of training may help reduce injury risk.  Come join @mderek4011 and I in Oregon on April 19th at @atipt to learn more about these concepts.  Sign-up link in bio. @clinicalathlete #SPOSR #LogicofRehab #clinicalathleteseminars #SVPC #NoSillyBS #Powerlifting #SBD #USAPL #USPA #Weightlifting #USAW #Gym #Fitness #StrengthTraining #VAStrong #EMUView #OnlineCoaching #Harrisonburg #GWPL
Our new 2017-18 @easternmennoniteu Student Life t-shirts are here! This year Campus Ministries, Residence Life and Multicultural Student Services are sharing the logo and theme. Make sure to take a close look and see all the elements that make up the EMU Body. Big shout out to @themarkit for their amazing design. #emuview #emurl17
Drink deep at the fountain 💧
Interfaith Peace Camp is a week-long day camp for children interested in building friendships and understanding with children of other faith traditions.  What a great opportunity for children to explore similarities and shared values while also celebrating  and honoring differences 🌎 "See our eyes see our faces, we're from all the different places in the world, and we share in one belief.  Hear our questions hear our choices.
If you listen to our voices with your heart you'll hear the sound of peace." #emuview #peacebuilding #interfaithpeace #camp #summercamp
This is Jack. He likes a good book, long walks through the woods, and washing trash cans in the pouring rain for EMU #recycling. He is an A+ guy with a 3.7 gpa.
#EMUrecycling #emuview
Redecorating the #recycling room for a new school year is a must. Proud artist @dajobre in foreground.
#upcycle #trashart #emuview