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Just relaxing with some after work karaoke 🎤💁#IminDMND
Happy Friday! We're recording something new for our Digital Marketing Nanodegree Program. Enrollment for our May term closes May 22. Sign up today. Link in bio 👩‍🏫 #IminDMND #bts
Meeting people from different cultures... Link in bio to blog post about my #lifegoal •
#0neStepNow #inspiration #IminDMND #travellingmore
#IminDMND check out our excelent courses.
This is a project of this course.
Attention all  #millennials from College Of Business, and Journalism. The competition is cut throat like never before. You need set of skills that are melting pot in the business world, and hands on experience. I was giving up on my goals, till this happened. My blog post is about my journey towards Udacity’s Digital Marketing Nano-Degree. Link in the bio  #IminDMND. 
Seeking a career of purpose and passion? Me too. Check out my latest Medium blog about my journey from #lymedisease to marketer in the making. (Link on profile) #lymewarrior #lymdiseaseawareness #imindmnd
Hooping has given me so much in my life that I am grateful for. It has even served as a stepping stone for helping me find the professional path that I want to go in. In that past two years of finishing a masters, I've had trouble finding my career path. Thanks to the experiences I had with hooping (as a hoop maker and hooper), and a Udacity course I recently started, I have finally found the words I needed to find my way in the career world! To learn more about how I found my way, check out the blogpost link on my profile 😊❤️ #hoopingforlife #notallwhowanderarelost #imindmnd
Dan taking a chocolate break 🍫🍬🏗️ #candycrane #IminDMND
Sometimes we do not know how a small suggestion could help us develop our entire career out of it and that is what happened to me.
To know my entire story of and clear your doubts about this post click here: http://bit.ly/2JtYzVU
#IminDMND #Udacity #DigitalMarketing
Something exciting is going on in my life right now!😄I *finally* got real with myself, made big changes, and dove into the deep end.
Was there a time when you checked in with yourself and realized that you were ready to make a change in your life in order to turn things around?
Here's the link to my bit (3 minute read)💜
#IminDMND #digitalmarketing #careergoals #mindfulness #simplejoys
Had a great day yesterday at the Birches bay sculpture trail! Outdoors and art! 👌🏻🌿😊 thanks for coming @allyrhodes_ #tasmania #imindmnd #art
I'm taking a class in digital marketing and I wrote an article on LinkedIn about a marketing campaign I found interesting! Check it out following the link in my bio and then connect with me on LinkedIn too! 🤓🍻 #iminDMND #marketing #linkinbio Thank you!! 🙏🏻