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Quick trip to Boise but #JuddYeck was showered with love from cousins!
Our boy is still off the charts. Here's the stats: 
Height: 32.5 inches
Weight: 24 lbs 3.5 oz 
At exactly this time, 12:40am, I heard the most glorious sound. His cries ushered in our new adventure. I'll never forget the wave of love that came over me, not only for him, but for Mike too. We shared our first hugs, a quick kiss, and off he was to spend a few hours with just Dad. 
Judd William Yeck, you are our greatest creation. Happy Birthday Fells! 
My how a year changes things. 1 year ago today I was induced at 7:30am but no baby came. We thought Judd would share a birthday with his cousin but he had plans of his own. 
Our nightly visit to Preston included Judd's first shoulder ride. 🚒 We love you Fireman Poe! 
This growing thing has not been approved by mom. ---
Grateful for dad's crib building skills because we'll definitely need these taller sides. ---
His crazy laugh completes me. 😍 
I'm lying in bed wishing I could go wake him up to play with me. 😴 
Moming is hard sometimes and I'm working a lot of late nights so I can spend all my time with him. It's the best decision I ever made! 👩‍💻🌙
He's crawling faster than I thought humanly possible and tonight he pulled himself to a stand for the first time. 💪#foodmotivation 
I'm so excited watching him grow but I'm so sad to be losing my baby. 😭
We have two food beggin boys. #JuddYeck #BamaYeck
This tough fella had a little run in last night. He's a trooper and feeling loads better this morning and I might think his fat lip is the cutest! #JuddYeck
We're falling apart at home, won't eat, total messes but happy as a clam at the doctors. 🙄#JuddYeck
These people are my 🌎! #JuddYeck #BamaYeck