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Education is the biggest gift you can give a child. I did my bit.Request you all to do your bit to make this world s better place  to live in.....
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#The Reason Behind Dis Smile is "m Standing front of the Camera nd crowd nd doing a Host 🎤 ....for school annual Day it's grt evng nd moment 😍😘😘
@rashminikky my co -host  tqs 4 ur spprt always 👌👌👌 #Lakshyam my Global school its a school vth Golden Heart 💓
@tarun bro u made my day tqusm drlng😍
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On 3rd February 2018, Mr. Shyam Mittal celebrated his daughters birthday at Lakshyam’s Ghaziabad center in a unique way. He distributed milk products and biscuit packets among our kids and had a fun time with them.

Thank you Mr. Shyam Mittal, for sharing the joy and making the day more special for our Lakshyam Kids. 
#Lakshyam #NGO #BirthdayCelebration #Ghaziabad
In the world, there are real-life superheroes who walk amongst us.They are genuine heroes who bridge the gap between fantasy and reality to do their best for the world and to inspire others.

Small and meaningful actions are what truly help change the world. It’s up to all of us to make it happen. Be a Superhero for someone, make a difference today with Lakshyam. 
Visit our website to sign up: http://www.lakshyam.co.in/join-us/ 
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You have the power to change a life and bring the change to our nation!
And the only way to empower women is to educate.
Give her dreams a wing to fly, support girl’s education for a better future.
Write us at support@lakshyam.co.in or call: 9540650002 to support and contribute.

#WomenEmpowerment #BringTheChange #Lakshyam #NGO
It’s okay when you’re snuggled up warm inside your homes with comfortable blankets and covers, or outside with friends wearing many layers of clothing and thick jackets.
But, there are many people who aren’t so lucky during winters and need an extra layer to keep warm.

Jain Sanskriti Group in Ranchi, did a warm clothes distribution drive at our centre Namkum Village. More than 250 people got the warm clothes.There is no better gift than giving the warm clothes to the less fortunate people during the winter season.

Thank you, Jain Sanskriti Group for visiting our Ranchi Centre to distribute warm clothes to Lakshyam’s people and kids.

#SpreadTheWarmth #Lakshyam #NGO #Ranchi #WarmClothesDistribution
On 14th January 2018, Celebration Gardens Hotel organised- Comedy Laugh-Athon- a night full of Laughter, Charity and Philanthropy. 
Lakshyam was an NGO partner of the event and the occasion was a reason to cheer for the upliftment of social causes at such an innovative platform. Lakshyam kids presented dance performances and received exquisite gifts with fun, laughter and warm celebration.

Thank you, Celebration Gardens Hotel for showing your support in such a beautiful way. Our kids participated in the event with a great spirit and cherished the day with the joy and laughter.

##LaughForaCause #CelebrationGardensHotel #NewDelhi #ComedyShow #Lakshyam #Charity #Philanthropy
Dayal Singh College organised an event on 24th December, 2017 named 'Balkalakaar by AIESEC' which included activities like Dancing, Drawing and Singing. 
Lakshyam kids participated in the event with great enthusiasm and they had a gala time all day long.

Thank you, Dayal Singh College for organising the event and giving Lakshyam kids an opportunity to express themselves and exhibit their talent through competitions and cultural activities. 
#Lakshyam #Art #Cultural #Balkalakaar2017
A simple act of kindness can make a big difference in someone's world! 
Spreading the warmth, Celebration Gardens Hotel sent some amazing cute little caps, gloves and socks for the kids of Lakshyam to keep themselves warm in winters. 
We thanks the whole team of Celebration Gardens for showing compassion and bringing happiness in the lives of our kids.

#Lakshyam #NGO #Kindness #Happiness
Young Indian Group of CII hosted an awareness session on oral cancer at Lakshyam’s Ghaziabad Centre, co-initiated by Dr. Prerna as a volunteer. 
This awareness session aimed at educating children not to consume ‘Tobacco’ (Tambaku) and even convince their parents to stop consuming it, if they are addicted. 
Thank you Young Indian Group and Dr. Prerna for visiting Lakshyam and making our kids and their parents understand bad effects of Tobacco on health.

#Lakshyam #SayNoToTobacco #AwarenessCampaign
Half of the children living on the street or from homeless families work for a living- at construction sites, hotels, rag-picking-areas and do not study, reveal data from surveys conducted across five Indian cities.
Rag-picking is the leading occupation, largely undertaken by children belonging to weaker sections of the society for their survival and for supplementing their family income and is the profession mostly dominated by children ageing 6 to 15 years. The constant exposure to the garbage and the hospital waste has lead them to suffer from many vital diseases and many of them when grew up get involved in criminal activities hence their future gets dumped. 
Lakshyam has empowered innumerable children around the country to protect the future of such children and strive to raise their standard of living by educating them and guiding them in the right direction. Take the first step to enlighten these lives, donate now!
Write us at support@lakshyam.co.in or call: 9540650002 to support and contribute.

#Lakshyam #NGO #StopChildLabor #SupportEducation #ChildWelfare
Malnutrition, unfortunately, continues to be a serious problem in India and several other developing nations. Several acute malnutrition can be fatal if left untreated.

At Lakshyam, we are helping thousands of children to get the chance to fulfil their potential every day. We organize workshops for women and children to shed light on lesser-known facts about health and hygiene. We nurture them with adequate health care and quality education. 
Write us at support@lakshyam.co.in or call: 9540650002 to support and organize health camp or workshops to spread awareness.

#Lakshyam #NGO #Support #Organize #HealthCamp #Workshop