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A cloudy and rainy day for our annual #natscirlp visit to Coconut Island, but fun nonetheless! Always exciting to get to see sharks and hear more about the awesome research that’s being done! #coconutisland #HIMB #luckywelivehawaii
The ship's aground on the shore of this
uncharted desert isle
with Morgan,
the Skipper too.
The millionaire and his wife,
the movie star,
the professor and Mary Ann,
here on Gilligan's Isle 🦈
into the volcanic forest 🌲🌋 #NatSciRLP
Snorkeling at Richardson's Black Sand Beach w/ @becausemagic #natscirlp  PC: @kblankl
I like turtles (and baby snails)
Highlights of the trip:
1. Seeing lava/a volcano for the first time
2. Swimming with sea turtles
3. Being able to see the milky way at night 
Watching the sunset on the Big Island 😍 #natscirlp
Last day! #natscirlp
Yet life persists
Very cool steam vents, hiking trails and native plants at Volcanoes National Park #natscirlp
A dream come true ☺️ #natscirlp