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We hike for two things: science and the hell of it #natscirlp
does it blow anybody else's mind that when you're watching the sunset someone else is watching the sunrise #natscirlp
can't seem to find my motivation must've lost it somewhere in the ocean :/ $5 reward if found #natscirlp
Bringing a whole new meaning to water bed💤 #natscirlp
Just SPLASHin' around💦
Tide pools rule 🤘 
Sunset over the Kalapana lava flow into the ocean. #natscirlp
Moonrise from Ka k apana. #natscirlp
The last day of our #NatSciRLP trip consisted of visiting `Imi Loa Astronomy Center to learn about astronomy through the lens of Native Hawaiian history and culture (with exhibits in Hawaiian) and attend a planetarium show, followed by snorkeling at this incredible tide pool! #waiopae #bigisland #hawaiiisland #luckywelivehawaii
billion dollar selfie? telescope and chill? singing bill nye the science guy? all of the above #natscirlp
Watching Big Island grow #natscirlp
I've often said that my favorite part of adjusting to life in Hawaii has been learning about the Native Hawaiian culture. It was breathtaking to see Pele, Goddess of Fire, tonight after hearing her story. #kalapanalavaflow #NatSciRLP #bigisland #hawaiiisland #luckywelivehawaii