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into the volcanic forest 🌲🌋 #NatSciRLP
Snorkeling at Richardson's Black Sand Beach w/ @becausemagic #natscirlp  PC: @kblankl
Kenny & the vegans #natscirlp #canipleasewinthegiftcardthooooo.impoor @thum6elina @abbycaudle99 @berlin.sky @kennYboiiiiiiiiiiiiiii
I like turtles (and baby snails)
Highlights of the trip:
1. Seeing lava/a volcano for the first time
2. Swimming with sea turtles
3. Being able to see the milky way at night 
Watching the sunset on the Big Island 😍 #natscirlp
Last day! #natscirlp
Yet life persists
Very cool steam vents, hiking trails and native plants at Volcanoes National Park #natscirlp
A dream come true ☺️ #natscirlp
Watching the sun set at 10,000 feet on Mauna Kea ❤️ #natscirlp