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I know there is tons to be sad about, and this is old news, but I just found out that this tree that I am standing inside of, "pioneer cabin tree", fell in January from a storm. It was still slightly alive when I visited in September of '16.
The tunnel was carved through in 1880 it to compete with Yosemite's drive through sequoia, Wawona in the Mariposa Grove. There's one other tree that has a tunnel in it in Tuolumne Grove. All three have now died, but only the one in Tuolumne is still standing. Clearly no more tunnel trees will be cut, as we'd rather have these Giants alive. 
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Remembering last October 1st when I had the best time ever at Big Trees with @onebraveexplorer. Wishing we were there right now!!! 💞#bigtrees #beautyinnature #friendsforever #calaverascounty #nature #redwoods #october #weekendadventures #happy #pioneercabintree
Wine and trees. #california #bigtreestatepark #pioneercabintree #sactown #calaverasstatepark #boglevineyards #wineandcheese
It's one of those weekends where I have half-finished projects going on nearly every flat surface in my apartment 😅 But luckily these guys are just about ready to go up in the shop!
Expectations Vs Reality.
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Unfortunately I never got to see this infamous #pioneercabintree in its glory before it was knocked down by a storm this year.  It is still magnificent even in its fallen state.
JSKIS.COM  In Honor of the Felled: a tribute to the #pioneercabintree on my only #jfriendski of the season. Unlike the tree these won't be around for 1000 years, get yours now → Link in bio⠀⠀
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My family photo by #pioneercabintree . It's sad :( no more the historic Pioneer Cabin Tree.
We are saddened by the loss of the majestic Pioneer Cabin Tree in @gocalaveras. Did you get a chance to visit this iconic tree? We'd love to hear your stories!
Photo: @castateparks
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Se cayó el #árbol de más de 1000 años en #California. #PioneerCabinTree 
Una popular secuoya gigante conocida como ‘Pioneer Cabin Tree’ que desde la década de 1880 contaba con un túnel que permitía atravesar su base sucumbió al #ríoatmosférico que afectó el norte de California.
E' crollata sotto le raffiche di vento di un forte temporale la sequoia secolare simbolo del Calaveras Big Tree State Park, in #California. L'albero, chiamato #PioneerCabinTree, presentava un tunnel alla base - realizzato 137 anni fa - attraverso cui i visitatori passavano sia a piedi sia (fino a qualche tempo fa) in auto. ''Abbiamo perso un amico'', ha scritto uno degli abitanti della zona,  Jim Allday, che ha postato sulla sua pagina Facebook le foto della sequoia caduta, condivise dal parco e da migliaia di utenti sui social network #Repfoto #nature
Farewell gentle giant. I was hoping to walk through your hollowed out tunnel when we visit California this April. The Pioneer Cabin Tree, also known as The Tunnel Tree, was a giant sequoia. Estimated to have been more than 1,000 years old, it fell during a rain storm and flooding a couple of days ago. @chris.moon1970 #pioneercabintree #sequoia #tunneltree #California